Hiring Greatness Bonus Downloads

Here are the Hiring Greatness Downloads

Click on the individual files to download each as a PDF.  If you need a PDF reader I suggest you download this one from Adobe: Click this link to download the free Adobe Reader – from Adobe.

  1. The LinkedIn HowTo
  2. The Boss Just Got us in TroubleJLF
  3. HG Bonus The CompensationCheck-list
  4. HGBonus How to partner with an Executive SearchProfessionalc
  5. HG Bonus Hiring a Recruiter Score Card
  6. HG Bonus Basics of EmployerBranding
  7. Culture as Competitive Advantage
  8. COO Position Profile
  9. Confidential COO Candidate Brief

Uber Bonus

Would you consider writing a review on Amazon? I can send you detailed introductions on how do that if you wish. (Not what to say, but the mechanics of how to do it, if you’ve never written an Amazon review.)

On second thought, here’s the link to the ‘How-To’ because you may want it for other books in the future: http://bit.ly/2l66M8X

If you will take a few minutes to do that, I will send you a copy of my ‘500 Interview Questions Guide’ say thank you.

If you decide to write the review please let me know when it’s up and I’ll email you the questions to an email address of your choice.

Thank you,

David Perry
Co-author, Hiring Greatness