Dr Cindy Gordon

Talent attraction is critical for growth.  Hiring Greatness gives you the hard facts and guidance to build a company that is not just good, but great!  Every leader can learn from this book and be inspired to make changes that make a difference.

Dr. Cindy Gordon CEO, Sales Choice Inc. February 18, 2016

George S. Best

If you’d really love to make a difference in this world, read this book and apply its techniques. Timeless, relevant, and energizing! A brilliantly captivating and vibreant book!.

George S. Best Vice President of Strategic Initatives, Boston Chapter of the National Black MBA Association February 18, 2016

Luke Williams

This book challenges every myth in the hiring process.  If You want great people, you need a great process.  Hiring Greatness has it!

Luke Williams New York Times bestselling author of The Wallet Allocation Rule: Winning the Battle for Share February 18, 2016

Jonathan Berger

“Hire your replacement”. As a CEO, this is the message I share with all my executives. Finding, attracting, and closing the deal with exceptional talent is tough work. ‘Hiring Greatness’ walks you through it clearly and concisely. This should be read and on every executive’s book shelf and referenced often.

Jonathan Berger Chief Executive Officer, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock February 18, 2016

Barbara Corcoran

I know firsthand what happens when you hire the wrong person for a crucial position. It disrupts the entire performance of my team and slows us down considerably.. Hiring Greatness is a step-by-step guide to making sure you get the absolute right person in those KEY spots!

Barbara Corcoran Founder of Corcoran Group NYC and Investor on the Emmy Award Winning Shark Tank February 17, 2016