Passive Candidate Research + Outreach

Chances are that your in-house HR/Recruiting team wouldn’t pick up the phone and make a truly cold call to a terrific employed passive candidate if their job depended on it. That is not intended to be a slight. That is not what they are trained to do and even if they were they probably would not have the bandwidth to make those calls.

Our Passive Candidate + Outreach service is an hourly fee package.  The “Hiring Greatness” research team will target organizations that will have the passive qualified professionals who would be qualified for your open positions. This is not an in-house database only search service. We offer our clients a custom-made passive candidate outreach that generates more qualified candidates than any candidate data base firm can produce. After the research is completed, we then present your opportunity to these qualified professionals, generate interest levels, develop candidates and forward their résumés with salary information to you.