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From a reviewer:Hiring Greatness book front cover

“There’s a lot of work involved in hiring the best people. It’s exhausting even to read about it! Fortunately, Hiring Greatness makes the process clear and accessible. You might not want to make the 51 different calls author David Perry to establish contact with one candidate he wanted to land, but that number shows how much commitment you need. Humility and realism also play surprisingly large roles in Hiring Greatness. If you’re like most people, you think you’re a good judge of character, and think you know how to judge talent. Perry and co-author Mark J. Haluska repeatedly show how often people are wrong about things like this. Fortunately, they also explain how to change your research processes so you find what and who you need to, and how to adapt your interview process to eliminate bias and poor judgment. The result is a book that’s highly useful for anyone looking to hire an executive (and useful for anyone interested in HR, business, leadership, or critical thinking).”